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    Listening and Reading with a difference Video Course

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    In this course you will practise listening and reading. It  is suitable for almost all levels from Pre-Intermediate (A2) and upwards (B1-C1). The aim of this course is to help you and teach you the joy and passion for reading and listening which are tightly connected. If you want to speak English and are struggling with either, then you’ll need to study both.

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    A1 Beginner Video Course

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    This A1 Beginner English Video course is for students who want to start or restart leaning English. You will learn some basic vocabulary, speaking techniques and grammar. You will watch the videos and do some practice.

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    B1 Intermediate Video Course

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    This is an Intermediate (B1) English video course. Get access to this amazing course. Buy it now if you want to improve your English grammar, expand your vocabulary and become more fluent. Learn English in the comfort of your home, in your own pace.

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