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This course is for true/real beginners. We will focus on the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is designed for students who are looking to develop fluency and accuracy in the English language in their everyday lives.

We all need to start somewhere!

You will be able to stop, rewind and listen again to the video/lesson/slide. It is very important to learn at your own pace.  You are given opportunities to practise the language in different contexts, listening, dialogues, readings, and exercises.

My personal aim is to show you what can do with the language in real life, not just to teach you the grammar. The particular language point is reviewed and recycled until you feel confident to use it and, consequently, are ready to move on the next lesson.

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Start learning English from the comfort of your home!

Whenever! Wherever!

This course was designed and created by Christina M.

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Students are given tasks working on practicing on fluency and pronunciation for example, students will encounter useful phrases in greetings which are used everyday lives’ conversations.

I hope you enjoy this course. I encourage all my students that we can all succeed and I am here to help you achieve it!

My motto is, “50% is wanting something, 50% is working to succeed in getting it”.

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