iGaming Company English Language Improvement Program

many courses to choose from

Multiple courses to choose from

Many courses to choose from tailored for your needs.

comprehensive reporting on group activity

Enhanced Reporting on group activity

Comprehensive reporting on the group’s activity, progress, test results and much more.

ZOOM english lessons

ZOOM group and

Our qualified teachers host ZOOM meetings one-to-one and groups of any level and ability

qualified assessments of student ability, level and progress

Qualified Assessments

Our highly qualified teachers will perform regular assessments of the students’ abilities, level and progress.

Take quizzes to see how you are doing

Take Quizzes

Each lesson has a quiz attached so you can test to make sure you have understood. Drag & drop, word fill, image ordering with immediate results.

track your progress when using our online platform

Student’s Track their progress

See how many courses you have enrolled in, progress, test results and more! Easily see areas where you need to improve.

Get the best customer experience and build team confidence

Justyna R - Director of Studies headshot
Justyna R – Director of Studies

Who we are

We are a dedicated group of incredibly experienced, highly qualified, native speaking, professional teachers.

See our teachers

Take a look at our teacher profiles to discover just how good we are!

Founded and based in Malta, we also have experience of working within the iGaming industry on the island, so have unique insight into the terminology, difficulties and opportunities.

We work differently by offering a blend of online learning via video courses, quizzes, online assessments and virtual classrooms.

Justyna R – Director of Studies

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What we offer

  • Business English
  • Qualified/professional assessments
  • Online courses
  • Enhanced reporting for group leaders
  • Manage multiple courses
  • Students can track their own progress
  • Customised group pages
  • Virtual classroom via ZOOM
  • Face-to-face lessons in Malta
  • Monthly, 3-month and 6-month courses
  • Customised programs specific to iGaming

Why choose us

Efficient communication relies on understanding

Communicating with customers or fellow employees relies on both parties understanding what’s being said or written. For non-native English learners, this adds another layer of complexity where simply not knowing the word or “turn of phrase” means complete lack of understanding and a potential breakdown in communication.

Disparate teams, remote working and online chat support

We understand the complex problems brought about by more remote working and use of online chats, both B2B (or inta-company) and B2C communication. Help your people gain more confidence in understanding and being understood in those situations.

Enroll into our courses, watch videos, complete quizzes and book a virtual lesson to consolidate the learning experience.

New courses added regularly

Business English, Pronunciation, Vocabulary and various levels. See your progress, take the quizzes and gain more confidence and fluency.

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