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In this course you will practise listening and reading. This course is suitable for almost all levels from Pre-Intermediate (A2) and upwards (B1-C1).

The aim of this course is to help you and teach you the joy and passion for reading and listening which are tightly connected. If you want to speak English and are struggling with either, then you’ll need to study both.

In our self-study lessons we will sometimes use a timer where you’ll be challenged to read in a strict short time, so please don’t stop the recording when the timer appears.

In this course I’ll also demonstrate how to develop your ability to summarise the main ideas in stories, articles, surveys, texts etc… step by step.

 I’ll be also introducing new grammatical structures and special difficulties found in different contexts in a quite unique way!

You will be learning new words without even noticing! You will read and hear them and I will help you understand them. 😊

What is more, interactive worksheets, quizzes, exercises with more practice will be included after you watch each lesson.

Person recording an audio book

happy ladies listening to an audio book

This Listening and Reading course is different than any other you’ve done so far because all materials and texts are written by me! All are authentic, unusual and to discover why, you need to try it!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Start learning English from the comfort of your home!

Whenever! Wherever!

This course was designed and created by Christina M.

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Aoi Shingai
Posted 4 weeks ago
Good contents!!

For intermediate English learners, it is good. I am lacking of skills, it was so difficult. I will study more.

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Christina M
Posted 1 month ago
A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies....

In this course you will read and listen at your own pace, you can stop the video as many times you need. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write in our comment box. Happy reading and listening 🙂

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Erna J
Posted 5 months ago
A unique and enjoyable way of practicing reading and listening

Wow! This is reading and listening practice with a difference! Imaginative, enjoyable and challenging! 🙂 Must do this course!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

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