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Are you studying Arts, pursuing a career in Arts or perhaps enjoy the artistic scene and would like to brush up on your English?

In this course you will learn about the content, language and vocabulary needed especially when you are involved in the Arts. This course is suitable for almost all levels – from Pre-Intermediate (A2) upwards.

This 10 session course will go over different aspects you will come across in your art education and career including:

  • Your artistic bio and CV,
  • Presenting yourself and your work through social media,
  • Describing your work,
  • Giving or receiving an interview.

Every session guides you through steps which will help you create the material you need in order to compile a strong artistic profile. All while using real, art-related examples making things fun and engaging.

This course was designed and created by Martina C.

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Aoi Shingai
Posted 2 months ago
The content was so fun!

It was little difficult for me because I am not familiar with art, but content was sooo good. I could enjoy learning it. Thank you.

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Erna J
Posted 8 months ago
the course for the 21st century artist and businessperson

I am not an artist but I find this course useful to learn new vocabulary and improve business skills!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

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