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Our Online English Video Courses

Watch our online video lessons in English developed by our qualified teachers!

These video lessons are developed for all levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Each online video lesson includes interactive activities and exercises with real time corrections.

After each lesson, there is a short quiz with different questions for you to answer and check how much you have learnt!

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Virtual Classroom

Book an online virtual lesson with one of our great teachers after watching the chosen video-course to have an opportunity to talk about the things you learnt.

Each teacher has a different style! Everyone is unique in their skills and approaches!

Lessons are only on a One-To-One basis, so special attention is given to your particular needs.

Our teachers can design and tailor-make lessons just for you!


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Why choose us?

Every person is unique, so is every student and teacher.
We believe that for every student there is a teacher that suits their needs best.
Meet our team, watch the videos of our teachers
and choose who you want to learn English with online!
We are a great group of trained, experienced, professional and fun teachers!
I am sure HERE you will find the ONE for YOU

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Our Style

Our courses are designed for people who are busy and want to learn
from the comfort of their homes, in their own time.

NO MORE waking up early to go to class.
NO MORE boring group classes where other students talk too fast or too slow!
NO MORE mixed level classes.

Our courses will help you with the most difficult problems in the English language. For example, the never ending problems with present perfect. What are phrasal verbs and how to use them not to confuse them! The mystery about idioms in the English language so you can impress people you talk to. By listening to our teachers, you will improve your pronunciation, intonation and become more fluent. With us, you will become more confident having all types of conversations – from daily conversations to business encounters.

If you want to see results, we give you the perfect combination of listening to video lessons, doing exercises with real-time corrections and speaking to our amazing teachers in our online virtual classrooms.

Fully qualified, Experienced and Professional teachers for all levels

What you get when you learn English online with us:

MORE Flexibility to study in your own time
MORE Speaking practice
MORE Individual attention

Justyna Rogers — Founder & CEO.

Justyna Rogers is a true EFL/ESL enthusiast.
She established META Consultancy Ltd. because she believes in accessible education and educational development. She continually helps students, schools and teachers.

Build Relevant Skills

Improve your fluency
Refresh your memory
Learn new vocabulary
Become more confident
and simply Speak English!

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No catches, our platform is secure and easy to use!
No installation of dodgy programs!

Learn From The Professionals

We are a group of 15 EFL teachers from different countries with vast classroom experience; trained in individual approach and different teaching methodologies!

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